Our team is composed of experienced scientists and engineers having a multi-disciplinary track record in Hydrodynamics, Turbomachinery, Naval Architecture, Aerodynamics and Aeronautics. We pride ourselves in having a “hands on” approach delivering realistic solutions in line with your project requirements, timing and budget. We deal with enquiries professionally and quickly and are committed to provide a scope and costing within a few days when at all possible. We will endeavour to deliver your project as quickly as possible and at the lowest cost.

Dr Florent Trarieux: Experimental Hydrodynamics, Models/Rigs Design, Project Management.




Dr Joao Amaral-Teixeira (Cranfield University); Consultant in Turbomachinery/CFD.




Mr Daniel James (Naval Architect, Structural Analysis)

Daniel is an independent naval architect and structural engineer with interest in the dynamic response of marine structures. Daniel’s previous experience includes several world-leading high speed marine vessel designers and builders, typically responsible for hull development including hydrodynamic optimizations, along with structural design and analysis by numerical and analytical methods. Daniel is a licensed Professional Engineer in the USA and Charted Engineer in the UK, as well as being a Member of the Royal Institution of Naval Architects.










Mr Charles Clarke (Rig Design/manufacture, Mechanics and Electronics)





Mr Maxime Dumont (Model/Rig Design, Instrumentation and Data Aquisition)





Mr Burhan Senol (Mechanical/Test Engineer, Rig design/manufacture)

Mr Nicolas Mailh (Test Engineer)

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