We thrive to provide all our clients with a fully dedicated service suited to their requirements, timing and budget in the following areas:


[1] Experimental/Numerical Hydrodynamics & Naval Architecture:

  • Marine Renewable Energy (wave, tidal and offshore wind)
    Tidal rotor design
    Oscillating Water Column design
    Support Structure design
    Power Take Off audit for third parties/due diligence
    Response of support structures in waves and current
    Deployment & Recovery Operations
  • High speed marine vehicles
    Sailing/Motor yachts
    Aerodynamically Alleviated Marine Vehicles

[2] Laboratory scale tank testing:

We can advise on all stages of a rigorous model test campaign (from proof of concept to prototype stage) in our in-house wave-towing tank or in any suitable test facilities worldwide.

We can plan and deliver:

We have delivered a large number of test campaigns over the years for a wide range of clients (SMEs to large corporations) in various test facilities in the UK/EU. We have a considerable experience in tidal rotor testing (Horizontal/vertical axis, Fixed/variable pitch, Ducted configurations) having produced no less than five generations of test rigs since 2008. We have undertaken feasibilty studies of cavitation tests on large tidal rotors and can provide immediate assistance with the organisation and running of such tests.

We also specialise in testing Wave Energy Converters based on the Oscillating Water Column technology thanks to a team having 20 years+ experience in this area. Some of our staff were involved in the design of the high efficiency air turbine HydroAir from day 1.

[3] Design and instrumentation of small/medium size hydrodynamic test facilities*

  • Wave tanks
  • Towing tanks
  • Circulating tanks

*in partnership with Those Engineers Ltd.

[4] Film Production on Scientific/Engineering topics

Hiring a traditional video production company is not enough when it comes to science and engineering even if your message is dedicated to a wider audience. Our team combines the best of both worlds ! Our scientists/Engineers can work closely with our creative and production team composed of experienced Journalists, Directors, Camera operators and Editors.


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