Lab-Sea-Systems Ltd was incorporated in 2018 by Dr Florent Trarieux.

Florent started his higher education in the Merchant Marine Academy in France and then graduated with a Masters in theoretical Physics. He joined University College London in 1998 to pursue the MSc in Ocean & Subsea Engineering followed by doctoral research on vortex-induced vibrations (VIV) of subsea risers and umbilicals focusing on the BP Foinaven umbilical monitoring program.
He joined Cranfield University in 2003 as a Post-Doctoral researcher to create the Offshore Engineering & Naval Architecture Group with Prof Minoo Patel (former Head of School of Engineering) to develop research activities related to novel configuration of high speed marine vehicles having aero and hydrodynamic effectors. He was appointed as a Lecturer in January 2007. Between 2009 and 2011, Florent managed the planning, design, construction and instrumentation of the wave and towing tank in Cranfield University in the Ocean Systems Test Laboratory specially designed for low cost testing at the early stage of marine renewable projects. The laboratory offered consultancy to a wide range of clients from small companies to large corporations in experimental marine hydrodynamics until April 2018.
Over 15 years in Cranfield, he contributed largely in expanding Cranfield University’s presence in marine renewable energy R&D through industrial projects, specifically in Wave and Tidal Energy. He was the coordinator of a DTi funded project (2006-2008) to investigate the performance and layout of a wave energy converter (ORECon) based on the Oscillating Water Column Technology for which he developed a “wave to wire” mathematical model and undertook a series of tank tests in IFREMER-Brest. He has been involved in the “DeltaStream” project from day 1 along with Tidal Energy Ltd since 2007, securing grants from Carbon Connections and Carbon Trust. He was the Principal Investigator of a major project funded by the Welsh European Funding Office which outcome has been the deployment of a first full scale prototype in 2015 in Ramsey Sound.
The Ocean System Test Laboratory has been working alongside various wave and tidal energy developers, notably Sustainable Marine Energy Ltd for the development of PLAT-O. The company started in the Incubation Centre in the autumn of 2012 and rapidly progressed to the prototype stage, having carried out extensive testing in IFREMER-Boulogne, prepared and run by the same core members of the “Ocean Lab” still working together within Lab-Sea-Systems.

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