Tidal rotor test rigs (up to 600 mm rotor diameter)

STR 250-17.5-200
Max Thrust: 250 N (via a 6-component balance)
Max Torque: 17.5 N.m
Max Speed: 190 rpm (300 rpm version available soon)

STR 50-4-350 (ultra compact and lightweight version)
Max Thrust: 50 N (direct measure)
Max Torque: 4 N.m
Max Speed: 350 rpm
Nacelle mass: ~2kg
Nacelle diameter: <60 mm
Nacelle diameter: <250 mm

STR 250-17.5-200 in IFREMER

STR 250-17.5-200 in Cranfield

STR 50-4-350 in IFREMER







STR 250-17.5-200 in vertical axis config.

STR 250-17.5-200 x 3 in close array config.

STR 50-4-350 (ultra-compact and lightweight)







Tidal rotor test rigs (up to 1000 mm rotor diameter)

LTR 1000-100-200/G (Generator mode version) and LTR 1000-100-200/M (Motor mode version)
Max Thrust: 1kN (/G version: via 6-C balance; /M version: direct measure); via external rigging for large towing tanks
Max Torque: 100 N.m
Max Speed: 200 rpm

LTR 1000-100-200/G

LTR 1000-100-200/M









LTR 1000-100-200/G in ducted config.

LTR 1000-100-200/M (in Haslar)

LTR 1000-100-200/G (with fairing)

Tidal rotor interaction test rig ( up to 3 rotors in close array; 600 mm rotor diameter)

Rig type: STR 250-17.5-200
No. of rotors: 2 or 3
Longitudinal spacing:
Lateral spacing:
Blade overlap:
Overall Thrust: 1kN via 6C balance MC12-400

STR 250-17.5-200 x 3 in close array config.

Varying long./lateral spacing

Prior to installation in IFREMER






Twin configuration in Cranfield









Deployment/Recovery simulator

Up to 3 instrumented lifting lines (Force & Angle)
Max Tension : 250 N (each line)
Rate of descend: 50 to 150 m/h full scale
Overall Loads: 1kN via 6-C balance MC12-400

Deployment set-up in IFREMER

Deployment in waves and current from a barge

Overall Load measuremet via 6-C balance




Towing Post* for ships/yachts

*Heave Motion Towing Post with servo-reduced virtual mass

Adaptative towing post for ships/yachts

Installation on a barge

Model yacht testing

Resistance test at a heel angle

Set-up for calm water tests














Watch video here

Foil testing

Foil operating near a rigid surface:

Watch video here:

Foil operating near the water surface using two side struts:

Alternative arrangement using a single strut:

With direct load measurement and overall drag via 6-C Balance:

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